The Numbers: Anton Krupicka

We've put together 100 random questions which are unbeknownst to our victims. They pick 20 random numbers from 1 – 100, we send back those questions & topics to answer based on their numbers. There are so many various questions and topics in no particular order. You get what you get. 

Our first victim is Boulder's very own Anton Krupicka.

Racing or adventure running?
Both provide an opportunity to plan and prepare an objective, which I find to be an instructive, satisfying process. However, racing is much more communal and external. I find my motivations there to be more peer-oriented. "Adventure runs", on the other hand, satisfy a deeper, more internal motivation for me. So, I like both.


What could we find in your refrigerator right now?
Spinach, apples, a couple bell peppers, carrots, yogurt, turkey breast, smoked salmon, avocados, swiss cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, half a sixer of Lefthand Brewing's Fade to Black stout. I don't really stock the fridge; I tend to just go to the grocery store every other day or so. 


How many hats do you own?
No idea. Maybe half a dozen giveaway trucker hats, a couple knit stocking caps. 


What would the title of your first book be?
I find questions like this really difficult. I get paralyzed by a desire to be simultaneously witty, interesting, and honest---a tough combo. 


What is your favorite local eatery?
So many, but right now I'm really enjoying the Jonathan Apple pizza and Dark Harvest Pumpkin Stout at Under The Sun here in Boulder, which is one of the (all excellent) five Boulder/Denver-area Mountain Sun pubs/breweries ( Under The Sun also co-hosts (with Flatirons Running Inc.) a weekly group run, so it's awesome in a lot of ways.


Do you have any superstitions?


What are you saving up for?
Freedom. A rainy day. 


Top 5 favorite websites.
In no particular order: (for conditions reports),


What is your favorite beer?
I don't have one. That aforementioned Mountain Sun Pumpkin Stout is absolutely the best tasting brew I've had in a while, though. Avery's Jubilation Ale is super reliable, too. 


What is the strangest running gadget you have ever purchased?
Can't remember the last time I purchased a running gadget, honestly. A foam roller, maybe? 


When was the last time you stepped in dog shit?
It hasn't been recently. Doing so usually leaves an (unpleasant) impression. Several months. 


Shower: Bar soap, loofah-liqui combo, or just use the shampoo?
Just use the shampoo. 


What’s the most random thing you have written off in your taxes?
Shoe goo? 


Travelling: Pack light or over pack?
Despite traveling a ton, I still don't have it dialed in and tend to overpack.


What was your last purchase online?
Strong Motion, a (seemingly) hard-to-find early Jon Franzen novel that I got tired of waiting to pop up in my usual used-book shops.


Are you barefoot at home or do you stay laced up?


What would the title of your autobiography be?
I never think about these kinds of things.  "Riding the Wind" works.


What was the last web video you watched?


If you could go run for an hour with anyone, who would it be with?
Voytek Kurtyka. 


Have you ever had an embarrassing fall during a run?
Almost every run. 


ED Note: We are pretty excited to have Anton be our first victim of The Numbers. A special "thank you" goes out to him for agreeing to do this so spontaneously. If you haven't visited Anton's website, please do so (guessing that since you're here, you've most likely been to his site). It's chock full of inspirational writing and images from his recent outings.