For The Days

For The Days…

The majority of our running takes place when there is no number pinned to our shorts. No aid stations. No crew support. No cheers from the sidelines. Just you, the trails, the mountains - and if the stars align - some good friends to keep you moving along. Running for us isn't about the competitions, it's about the other days. The regular days. When your excited to lace up and run a trail that you've been on hundreds of times before. When everything simply clicks and moving at your best pace feels effortless. For the days when running is the last thing you care to do, but there you are at the trailhead, ready to go. And you go. Difficult at first, but you push through. Strides are choppy, but you progress. Suffering. Progressing. It all comes together and in the end, it turns you into a better person. You obtain a certain merit for your time of suffering.

This is our dream. This is our suffering. This is our progress.
Run with us.
- Merit Endurance