The Numbers: Dominic Grossman

Dominic and Katie, while in France for the UTMB (29 hours pre-engagement).

Dominic and Katie, while in France for the UTMB (29 hours pre-engagement).


Yesterday - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:
Breakfast - French Bread with blueberry preserves and butter
Lunch - Trader Joe's Broccoli Slaw Salad and Wine Country Chicken Salad with French Bread
Dinner - Tj's Mexican Pizza: cornmeal, black beans, cheese, cilantro.


What would the title of your first book be?
"Composition of Contrast"


What would your ideal weekend be?
Same thing I do most weekends, head up to Wrightwood, get a couple good runs in and relax with my girl and a few friends.


Who/What are your influences in life?
- Dalai Llama - the expert in finding happiness in every situation in life. 
- My Dad - the expert in finding happiness in Southern California while holding down a professional job and helping to raise a family.
- Katie DeSplinter - She gives me a good reason to be a better man, and is my best friend. 
- My Co-Workers - I don't have an "easy" job as a Director of Manufacturing. I do take the company's performance personally because I believe in keeping manufacturing in America (and California), but I get to work with people that keep me hustling and improving, and we have fun doing it. I get to travel and race a lot thanks to the cohesive team that has my back.
- My PMR friends - They're always willing to do hard runs, train early in the morning, and push me when I need some motivation. They're pretty sarcastic on Facebook Messenger, so we have a good time even when we're not together.


Do you have any pets?
My one true Panda B. Bear, AKA Katie DeSplinter.


How many black toenails do you currently have?


Hydration Vest or handhelds?
Both - Salomon Advanced Skin 5 and Simple Hydration bottles or a 22oz Camelbak Podium Handheld


What do you think you'd be doing if you never found running?
Probably swimming and water polo, which would have also lead to the Navy SEAL career profession. It's hard to say, I might have gone nuts from too much chlorine, I think everything happens for a reason.


What keeps you awake at night?
Well... Everything? I'm a light sleeper, and I have a lot of things on my mind each day, so once the lights go out at night, I'm thinking about work, about ways to make my employees lives a little better, about running, about where I want to run, about how fast I want to run, about things I want to tell Katie but she's asleep.. Many things.


Tell us a quick story:
I was walking up to the start of my first 100 miler when.. I met Jimmy Dean Freeman at check-in for the 2008 Rio del Lago 100, and I tried to get his opinion on whether to use nylon or fleece arm sleeves for cooling. He spent 15 minutes telling me the pros and cons and giving me no distinct answer, just like how I frustrate people!


One word that you overuse:
Basically. I use "basically" too much because I'm trying to translate my technical thoughts to usable information. Some call it the engineering knack, others call it "f-ing annoying engineers not giving a straight answer".


What advice would you give a younger you?
Follow the rules of sound running! I think I thought I needed to experiment a lot to find "hidden truths" in running, but it was mostly exhausting and pointless trying to figure out things that have been written about for decades. I think I had to learn some things the hard way, but other things I could've learned a lot easier.


Describe the image currently used at your desktop background:
At work it's cycling through pictures of my favorite pictures I've taken on peaks, and race maps, while at home it's a panorama taken from the Mountaineer's Route on Mt. Whitney.


If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?
A Porsche Macan today or the eventual Volvo XC60 Coupe. I really do like my Volvo V50 I have right now, a healthy dose of speed and fuel economy feeds my primal and social responsibility needs. I like keeping cars for a lot of miles to get the most out of them, but I need to actually like all those miles spent in them.


How do you waste time?
Facebook, I have too many friends and haven't mastered using lists yet to stop myself from mindlessly scrolling.


What is overrated to you?
Right now, competitive running goals that make runners kill themselves. I know plenty of amazing runners in the sport that accomplished goals and lost out on a lifetime of running after a career ending injury. Looking back on my wins, I am happy and proud of them, but I care so much about living as long as I can without having my feet anchored to the ground. Running most days of the year is really important to me.


What is your worst bad habit?
Facebook. I've improved on using it responsibly because I know I learn so much more from a good book than several minutes of scrolling through a news feed. I'm starting to accept there are only bad stories at the end of the news feed.


What is the first website you check in the morning?
The Mt. Wilson web cam, at least until I find a way to live there.


When's the last time you were star struck?
Today, I saw a deer sprint straight down a 45% hill navigating trees and logs like it was a heat seeking missile. The last time it was with a human was seeing Kilian on a training run before Hardrock. He's awesome to watch in action, I'm thoroughly convinced he's a legend.


When's the last time you were truly frustrated?
At work a few days ago. I have ideals that have to get reeled in from time to time, and it keeps me searching for different solutions which keeps me creative and engaged.