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Thought Collective: 003-The Morning Ritual

Jason RobertsComment
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Jason Roberts Photo

Jason Roberts hails from the Pacific Northwest where he lives with his wife, two dogs and runs with heart and soul. He submitted this poem (his first) with this text… "Woke up thinking about coffee and our local summit...my morning rituals". This is all too familiar. 

Morning Ritual

Blurry eyes.
Fingers fumble to find ties.

Pour them one by one into things that grind.
Start slowly,
sleep still owns.

One at a time they go,
twisting, turning, popping, cracking.

They start to kick up, up, up.
Faster now, as eyes clear.

Whirring, burring,
turning, grinding, churning.

What lies ahead, uncertainty,
familiarity, freedom,

See the flecks of rays.
Smell the approaching apex.
The joy that grinding brings.

Add water,
That other thing.

Spend a few moments here,
Extract all you can:
bitterness from burn,
sweetness of summit,
the fruits of your labor.

It’s time to go down.
Pour out your heart,
press the plunger.
Flow forth that liquid movement,
down, down, down, effortless.

Until the vessel is full.