I'm a sucker for technology; phones, computers, apps and such, but I don't have a radio in my car. It was disabled somehow during it's last visit to the auto shop and I've not been able to find the time to take it back there. 

So now, I listen to the wind humming past my windows on the drive to the trails rather than the sounds from speakers. It's a change. I'm not saying this is good, nor bad. The issue at hand is that I'm not able to get sucked into a podcast or a radio program. Unfortunately (and this part sucks), I can't use a song to motivate me, which is truly a downer since I love music and the motivation it provides. As quirky as this sounds, I feel like I arrive more focussed and ready to run, hike or ski. Also, I'm now the guy with the car that you regret getting into if a carpool, shuttle or hitchhike is needed. I'm sorry, however, this makes for a nice uninterrupted conversation.

What I have noticed about not having a radio is after arriving at the trailhead I spend far less time tinkering around and I actually get out of my car rather than sitting there for 10–20min finishing up NPR's Morning Edition. Which is actually pretty nice to do, but not what I went to the mountains to do. What used to take me minutes has been whittled down to seconds; tying laces, cinching shorts, and moving. I fall into the process and it's consistent. I'm left with my thoughts, excelling heart beat and breath.