Recently, my thoughts while running have been focussed and directed towards, well… running. 

I'm not drifting off to some otherworldly meditative mindset. Certainly, I enjoy mending the reverie of being alone in terrain with my thoughts and place of mind. Contemplating events, thoughts and what priorities lie ahead. I was once consistent at developing a process for a story, or moving forward with design work. This former process no longer appears relevant within a run. Rare event. In turn, design work and being creative, present themselves more readily when I'm mindful and present in the home office.

Trying to form my effort and presence into one. More attentive with each step. More tuned in with my breath and my core's tempo. Attentive to the path ahead and flowing with the next challenge.

I feel that the mental attentiveness is sharpening the same as with physical fitness. Engaging effort of the mind and fuzing with heightened senses of the body feels both satisfying and euphoric.