Thought Collective 017: On A Mountain

On a mountain can bring you to humility. It can offer great satisfaction, or spit you out and strip you down to your most core self - nearly simultaneously - thus creating an honest and humble being. Perhaps honest and humble is what you search for on a mountain? Running up mountains elevates emotions, it exposes inner prospects not often seen away from the vertical playground. It draws out grit far beyond the mundane. Runners are presented with an important lesson: that, even though we have run to the summit, we have not conquered it. For that moment, we have been in it's presence, amongst the diagonal plane, the rock and flora. Moving upwards, and downwards. You will return for the same mountain soon, only for it to strip you down once again. An odd cycle we runners gravitate towards.

I get ahead of my self in "real life". Ego spins the tires, I get and anxious and over-zealous to test my levels - both mentally and physically. I desire to be faster than my fastest, but the mountain presents itself. Plucking me out of my dreams and into a very real reality. I don't mind being humbled as I feel it's fair to be at center. Slowing the pace, and presenting things otherwise overlooked. Without having that grounded state I believe a lot of runners wouldn't be who they are today.

Being on a mountain offers everything true. Presence, consciousness, skill and effort. To be in the right mindset where the right convergence of effort, skill and difficulty furnishes everything uncomplicated, that is when the experience of being on a mountain becomes full and in vibrant color.